Relativity (2016 LP1)

by Archabald



Our first album, funded by fans through kickstarter!





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• Mixed by : Beau Burchell (Saosin)
• Engineered & recorded by : Andy Othling (Lowercase Noises)
• Mastered by : Mike Kalajian
• Album Cover Artwork by : Jacki The Unicorn


Special thanks to the following KS backers,

Zach Tapia, Leona and Randy Easley, Michael Doney, Tim and Julia Fox, Garrett, Marcos Orozco, Nathan Hall, Jon “The Skunk” Fortney, Aubrey Cable, Darrick, Jonny Mouchet, Nathan Brackband, Taralah Hall, Kevin Wade, Sam Soffes, John Stropparo, Raymond Montoya, Logan Witte, John and Lora Tomlinson, Lucas Southard, and Alex Howell-Fellows



released February 29, 2016

All music written by Archabald.


• Randy Bowen (Vocals/Guitar)
• Andy Othling (Lead Guitar)
• Stefan Tomlinson (Keys & Spoken Word)
• Ethan Hall (Bass)
• Jacob Fox (Drums & Percussion)



all rights reserved


Archabald Albuquerque, New Mexico

Archabald is a progressive / indie group, based out of Albuquerque, NM


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Track Name: Kyros
Death and sorrow, Earth's dark story to the former days belong

Verse 1:
We aren't ashamed of our cold lies because we haven't learned to blush.
Soon the storm of time will cease
Only in His likeness, we awaking will only know peace

Oh Time, are you my enemy? Are you the great thief of life? The one who brings death?
Oh Time, you're not my enemy. Because you come and you go and the architect who made you lives in me

Verse 2:
Dear child, when will you wake up from you quiet sleep?
The day will come when the shadow of the real will die.
Only in his likeness we awaking will only know peace
Track Name: The Great Composer
Verse 1:
Though my thoughts aren't entirely in tact I know that we will make it
Because this song in our hearts was lovingly composed before air came to our lungs
And the architect who crafted your delicate frame is calling you now
All things seen are transient so keep a steady hand and a straight face to the sky

Do you really love me all the time? With all my fears that keep my eyes fixed down on the floor? I can't say I loved you with all of my ability, still you're the wind that in my sail.

Verse 2:
And I was found when I was lost inside the sea of my contrition
And the melody that won my drifting heart was to beautiful for words
The argument I posed to resist acquisition was frail. The very notion of resistance was imperfect planning on my part.
Track Name: Relativity
Verse 1:
When I am apart from you
my heart beats to a slower speed
And I'll never underestimate the distance
We operate at different times
With different motives
And separate plans on how to move ahead
We all say its relative, we believe we've found the absolute

I've been planning an empire in my dreams, it's building up walls in between us, building to heights never heard of,
But we are the ones without fear in our hearts, we are the ones made alive by his blood, we are made perfect in the end.

Verse 2:
When I let go of my desires this is what I've found,
My heart was bruised but not from you, this was my own undoing,
We operate at different times with different motives and separate plans on how to move ahead
We all say its relative we believe we've found the absolute
We all say its relative we believe we've found the absolute
Track Name: The Glassy Sea
I heard of a place, a place we'll be, hand in hand side by side in the sand by the glassy sea. If you get there before me, wait for me please. To tell you the truth I'd do the same for you, to tell you the truth I'm scared of the distance we'll travel through.
My grip on you may be slipping, but hold on, we'll claim victory, we are creatures of habit and our habitats, I don't want to be around for the after math, I want to be lying under dark green grass when the scales tip and the planets crash into each other no will be around to see our epitaphs that read.
One day, all our lungs will collapse.
The thought of heaven, scares the hell out of me, and the thought of hell, well, points me to heaven. But I don't want fear to drive what I believe, I want hope to be the compass, to be the map that guides me to, the glassy sea.
I know we'll stand side by side on that shore hand in hand, tears dried, blind eyes opens wide, filled with joy, filled with peace, at the sight of our king.
But until that day brother, hold on to hope.
And until that day sister, hold on to hope.
And until that day we can hold onto each other as we hold on to hope because that's all we've got left.
Even though the thought of heaven is daunting I know I'm the end I'll never be wanting because one day all our lungs will collapse.
Track Name: Point Of Departure
You've built a house made of stone for me. For when I depart and come home, home to you. So I long for the day when I find a place to rest my head.
Because this side of eternity I know this place is not my home. This place is not my home

Like the thought that's thrown to the sea
Is the heartache that comes when you walk away from yourself and step out into this life unknown.
Its the great departure.

Verse 2:
Well I am aware of my time and it's brevity. You've set its course before my heart knew it's beat. So I'll let go of this shiftless frame and I'll wait for my bones to be made new. 'Cause this side of eternity I know this place is not my home. This place is not my home.

Well I've had my doubts on how it all ends. Will I go to an endless life? Will I pay for my sins? Will I be set free? Before the throne all questions cease. All questions cease...

I'll stop jumping off of rooftops just to know what a thrill it is to fall. And I'll learn to open my arms and trust you.
Track Name: Cannibal Heart
Verse 1:
Be who you are and say what you feel 'cause the people who matter won't mind. I've been dancing like no one is watching to the beat of my cannibal heart.
There's poison in my veins and you're all just the same. And I know it's a game that you want to play.

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Just existing feels normal. I'm in love with the way you make me feel
Feeding my cannibal heart.

Verse 2:
I am a stranger in a foreign world. I have nowhere to lay my head. I'm still longing for the touch of her kiss and the gentle caress of her hand.
There's poison in my veins and you're all just the same. And I know it's a game that you want to play.

I am running. I am running
Track Name: The Philosopher's Dream
I dream of days freed from sickness and pain and this darkened place that we call our home. My contribution to this freedom I'm in is the sin from which you've saved me.
I admit that I'm a terrible liar. It's just like honey dripping right off my lips when these words drift out from under my breath.

This world is too much with us. ooh. Consuming and spending we lay waste our powers. We've pledged our hearts to these rusting machines. Ooh. ooh.

Verse 2:
I am among the most desperate of thieves. I steal from the rich just to feed my own needs. I am not walking to a fiery grave 'cause the purest has come for this vagabond's place.

When we see the light at the end of the tunnel we'll look back at our graves holding our bodies below. And we'll see real live for the very first time. Yeah this world is too much with us. Ooh. Well this world is too much with us. Yeah...
Track Name: Dissolution
Verse 1:
Well I was least myself without a veil to hide. Even at my best I would leave you wanting. I knew in my deepest caverns that thou art greater still. I would try to right my wrongs and I would try to reconcile with all the things that I'd become and all the ways I lost myself.

But God knows we've tried to make it right
God knows we've tried to make it right

Verse 2:
In my darkest hour you calm the raging sea. You sing a melody that calls and beckons me. Ooh. Ooh. Come back home...
Track Name: Miss Leigh and Finding The Way
I did it once again and I knew it was wrong but I couldn't stop from itching these open wounds. I ruined what was sacred in attempts to make it right.
But I can now see
That it was their lies that got me to believe that I was too far gone
Without hope
Without finding my way back to you
Finding my way back to you
Track Name: April 1902
Verse 1:
Ever since we found time moving slower in the high ground, our desires to stay young moved us to houses built with stilts. Our thirst for greater status forced us climbing ever higher. Our futile thoughts were all we had to sing ourselves to sleep and we'd sing

All the world is so small in this infinite abyss. I'm so desperately lost and scared of whats to come. I won't follow you outside that door without the fear thats crippling this weary heart.

Verse 2:
Then there came the day we found the courage to move lower. We moved past our desires to be greater than our brothers. There in those deep valleys we discovered when we lost our lives the highest treasure was only found when we began to love.
You are what we need and I, I must become nothing

You are the only thing that has ever made sense
You are the only thing that has ever made sense
In this world