by Archabald

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There is no hope here


released July 13, 2018

Recorded/Produced by Andy Othling
Mixed by Beau Burchell
Mastered by Mike Kalajian

Vocals/Guitar - Randy Bowen
Vocals/Synth - Stefan Tomlinson
Guitar/Bass/Synth - Andy Othling
Drums - Jacob Fox

Special thanks to Daniel Rose ( for making the Carcosa documentary


all rights reserved



Archabald Albuquerque, New Mexico

Archabald is a band based out of Albuquerque, NM

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Track Name: The Demoiselle Crane
There is a place where time stands still
Where clocks won’t move
All the ones who travel here will never leave again
Lovers never have to part
Children never grow old
And in this place what’s mine is yours ‘cause our lungs have breathed their last

Save me, did you get what you wanted? Or did this count for nothing?
Did you take your life to give to me? A dream within a dream
Of a place where we find our fears are stilled

Sleep now weak and jealous moon
Your grief is wasted on a terrible world
Life is filled with disappointment
So she chose to stop her heart so the sadness won’t find her

You can argue that it’s noble to live life
Or that it’s better to give up into the fight
There’s a man inside his study with a picture of a woman
She held his heart captive when she’d walk into the room
But now she’s a memory
She’s now just a memory
Track Name: Dark Door
Don't try to carry the weight of the world
It will crush you
Carrying your own heart can be heavy enough
There isn't a dark thought you've had that hasn't been had before
Outside the door last night I saw the darkness creep in, trying to swallow the light.
It looked like a squid covered in ink, I think I saw it creeping in over the door jam, pulling into the room making US feel like boat starting to sink.
I won't let us sink
Not just yet
I'll fight that demon for the both of us
While I've still got strength left on
I get weary from fighting the common mistakes of men. I don't want the mis-steps I take to shake us up again.
Every whim I have is not meant to be acted on
Every night with your body there but you're gone is another night the dark ink got in, I touch you, but there's no one inside the skin. There’s no one inside your skin

When you’re with me there is nothing but a shell
Did the dead give up because of a secret?
Or is it just a dream to think that it’s all for a reason
Because when you cry, you’re crying out where are you God?

God, where the fuck are you?
We are killing ourselves and I wish I could hear You
We're killing each other I thought I was near to You
I thought it was clear that we were what was dear to You
I'm losing her while I'm losing You
What am I supposed to do?
The darkness is heavy, the ink is spreading this feels like an ending. I don't want to be done.

The slow fade harder than the clean cut.

Will you still love me in the famine as when you loved me during the harvest?
Like when we thought we’d won the world
There’s still life within these bones
I’m not ready to give into the fire
I want to dream of a future

My dear,
This is it, the most real it can get. Can you feel it yet? I can feel hope rumbling in the rafters. Can you feel it now?
You think if it feels good it's the devil and if it feels bad it is god. It's all wrong. It's twisted up with both our guts bursting with uncertainty. It's hurting me, I know it hurts you too. I feel it too, I honestly do. I need you. You are the fuel that feeds the fire in me. I miss your smile.

You’re wrong, you’re still mean the world to me
But you’re gone, you’re gone every time we start to speak
I know it’s hard sometimes to say what you are worth
And even harder when you’re dealing with the hurt
So save your pride to find some strength to put into your life, your life
Believe me when I tell you I need you

I promise myself I won't kill myself
I swear to God I won’t kill myself
Track Name: Ichabod
I’ve been told to put my uniform away
The public wants to forget there’s a war
Before the days we could say we were winning
They struck fear in our hearts by blocking out the sun
And I feel their eyes watching
It’s not like it was back when soldiers were gods among men

You say we are the ones winning
Then why are we living in fear??

They’re coming, nobody cares to start running
When the air burns like fire we’ll be too far gone
When the new world is here they won’t care about us

There were times when I could say I was alone
And I was always afraid of the world
Then at the dawn of the fall of this empire
it became so clear…that everyone’s the same

They’re coming, nobody cares to start running
When the air burns like fire we’ll be too far gone
When the new world is here they won’t care about us
They don’t care about you
And you don’t care about them....
Track Name: The King in Yellow
I’m afraid, that these words will sound petty at best.
I’m afraid someday my thoughts will dry up and there will be nothing left.
I’m afraid of what you’ll think of me and when you won’t remember me.
If you do remember me, please remember me kindly and if I lose myself along the way, please gently remind me of who I am.

I’m afraid someday I’ll scream these words into an empty room and the only response is reverb bouncing off the back that compounds and consumes, that excites and exhumes feelings of doubt.
Is it worth it?
Is it worth it?
Can you still feel it when the cold hits?
When the cold snap hits the back of your neck and all you feel is regret?

I’m afraid of this winter coming up, because this last one I almost gave everything up.
I almost threw caution into the wind.
Walked out the door to head east and never come back again.
You said if I left you’d be afraid you’d kill yourself, not as a threat, but it was something you couldn’t help.
I hate this because I can barely help myself.

You would not think that a brilliant man
Was walking away without blood on his hands
‘Cause greed was the only thing that colored his thoughts
And every single step in the night while you sleep
But you would not care to run away
It takes but a slip of the hand for your life to end
They run quick match their rhythm to stay alive
To make it to the end with air in your lungs and a beat in your chest.

I’m afraid of my dreams becoming more pleasant than reality to the point I don’t want to deal with the real.
The Prince still steals my breath sometimes. But I’ve learned to cut out his tongue and focus on the reality that grinds away at us.

I’m afraid I’ll put my head on the pillow and you won’t be there when everything fades to black.
I’m afraid I’ll go to kiss you and you won’t want to kiss me back.
I’m afraid I won’t be good enough to keep you around, but by God I’ll try.

You’re free to walk, but I hope you'll stay.
I’m afraid of losing you to pride or death some day.
I’m afraid I’ll run out of the right things to say.

Don’t do it for me, do it for life, do it for the future (I don’t want one without you)
Please see life through.
See through me.
This is all I’ve got, if it’s not good enough I’m sorry.
I’m trying.

(You still don’t care that you promised your heart, your love your life to me)

I thought someday we’d meet again at The Glassy Sea.
I’d be waiting for you, or you would be waiting for me.
I guess the promises you made were empty.
Track Name: Stay On
You laid there balled up on the kitchen floor.
Through short breaths you got out; “What’s the point anymore?”

I don’t know what to tell you, so I’ll just hold you
I’ve got the same dark shit running through my own head.
I’ll try my best to be strong for you.
I hope you’ll do your best to stay on

Stay on with me.

You’re sailing to Carcosa.
I’ll miss you.
I’ll still love you.

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